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university ranking

Rankings look at a university’s performance from different aspects, including teaching quality, research output, number of citations, academic reputation, student ratio, employability, and international outlook.

What are the metrics of an article?
Article-level metrics are tools that quantify how individual articles are being used, discussed and shared by looking at a variety of markers from data streams measuring scholarly visibility (e.g. times cited) and social visibility (e.g. social media mentions).
What are metrics for authorship?
Author metrics are used to track how often an author’s work is cited, and demonstrate the reach and impact of a researcher’s work, for use in grant applications, tenure, promotion and performance reviews. An author’s impact is frequently quantified in terms of the number of citations to their publications
What are the journal metrics?
What are journal metrics? Journal metrics measure, compare, and often rank research and scholarly publications. They can also be referred to as journal rankings, journal importance, or a journal’s impact. Journal metrics allow scholars and researchers to compare scholarly periodicals.
Discovering the Latest Advancements

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Exploring the Latest in Tech and Innovation

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Harnessing the Power of Technology to Create a Better Future

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The Latest Tech Innovations & Implications for Future

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Exploring the Latest Breakthroughs and Trends in Technology

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